Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop my plane off on the weekend for maintenance?

The FBO at McKellar Sipes is open on weekends and has ramp space and hangar space. Often our customers will leave the keys with the FBO or in the plane, and we will be able to move the plane to our facility as soon as possible.

Can I pick up my plane on the weekend after maintenance?

You can, but if at all possible, we prefer you pick up during our working hours just in case you should need something else done.

How long will my plane be down for an annual?

The first time a plane comes to us for an annual, we expect to have it here several weeks, depending on how many discrepancies need to be addressed. We are very thorough and want you to have the safest flying plane possible. Subsequent annuals will hopefully go much faster.

Do you test fly my plane after maintenance?

Paul qualifies for most open pilot policies and can provide post-maintenance flight checks if requested or required.

Do you work on other planes beside Cirrus and Cessna?

Cessna and Cirrus are our main focus, but as the schedule allows, we are experienced in other aircraft.

Is there airline service at MKL?

Air Choice One is a small commuter airline that has flights to St. Louis and Atlanta.

Will my plane be stored indoors before and after maintenance?

The FBO has space available at reasonable rates should your plane need to be here for several days before/after maintenance.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my annual?

Please contact us 6 months prior to your annual being due.

Do you do Avionics work?

We can install digital engine monitors, angle of attack indicators, and perform box level troubleshooting. We work in cooperation with a nearby avionics shop for more in-depth avionics needs.