All scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and inspections

We are an authorized Cessna Service Station and have extensive experience in all Cessna piston designs.

Aircraft Recovery and Storage

We offer complete aircraft recovery and secure indoor or outdoor storage of damaged aircraft for indefinite periods. Insurance companies frequently use this service to preserve evidence and to maintain salvage value for future, closed bid resale. TAS is always aware that post-accident damage is costly, so we strive to secure, transport, and store the aircraft in the best way possible.

Ferry Transport

Many damaged aircraft can be made ‘ferryable’ in order to get them to our facility for full repairs. This method is preferred for several reasons; while we can disassemble and load an airplane in one day, it typically takes many days to reassemble. In addition to bolting the parts together, reassembly requires rigging of all controls, servicing hydraulic systems, rigging landing gear systems, etc. There are many other details, depending on the type of aircraft involved.

Prebuy Evaluations

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