Cessna 210 AD 2020-03-16   Effective date March 9, 2020

With the number of calls and emails we are receiving about the AD just released on some of the 210s, we felt that this might give you some of the answers to your questions. Please email us from our Contact Us tab if you have other questions that would be of benefit for other owners. The link to the AD is 2020-03-16

or you can copy and paste the following in a new window:  https://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgad.nsf/0/4701f3c31ae2f4f186258515005e34da/$FILE/2020-03-16.pdf

This is the link for information about Alternative Methods of Compliance: AMOC

Will my insurance cover this? Some may. You would need to contact your insurance provider directly to be sure. 

What is the cost? The compliance labor time will be anywhere from eight to twenty-four man hours, depending on the extent of the corrosion damage found, plus the cost of the eddy current.

Can you do the Eddy Current test? We would use a subcontractor for the eddy current NDT at the moment.

Where do I find a replacement spar if mine is deemed unairworthy? Aircraft salvage yards are the only source for replacements at the moment. Be aware that the replacement must pass the same inspection prior to installation. It will be VERY important to know the total in service time of any spar installed.

Will you find a replacement spar for my plane? The serviceable inventory has been virtually depleted. We do not know of any more available.

What is the cost to replace the spar if needed? Carry through replacement labor, using a used serviceable carry through, takes about 160 man hours but also has some variations.

How soon can you do the inspection on my spar? Our calendar is fully packed months in advance. We are working to make space to perform these very urgent inspections and will schedule as we’re able. Our scheduling priority will have to remain our current 210 customers.

What is the timeframe for Textron to make replacement spars? We have been assured that Textron has designed and is working to certify a replacement part. Our understanding is the replacement will be machined from 7075 aluminum instead of the original forging.

Is Textron making spars for all the 210 models involved or just some? Textron has not detailed their intentions on the replacements. Only that they are working towards production.

How much is Textron going to charge for the replacement spars? Textron has not mentioned any sort of target price point. My guess is that production cost spread out over the number of expected sales will have some impact.

I heard there’s someone out there making replacement spars-do you know anything about that? We have heard the same rumor but nothing more. While producing a replacement is a relatively simple process, getting it FAA approved is quite another.  We don’t see this as a likely probability.

Do I have to reinstall the foam on the headliner after removing it for the inspection? The foam does not have to be reinstalled. However, it would be good to install some sort of FAA approved padding to protect passengers’ heads. 

I had my spar inspected recently. Do I have to do all of this again? It depends on the extent of your previous inspection. AD 2020-03-16 paragraph (l) explains how to apply credit for previous action. 


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