(The following articles were written by our friend, Ceri Bartlett. Ceri and her husband, Garth, live in Australia and have been involved in the aviation industry for many years. We recently had the privilege to visit with them and discovered that Ceri contributes to an Cessna owners’ group newsletter. These articles have been published in some of the past newsletters-please click on the links and enjoy the reading!)

Introduction From Ceri:  My early career was in English Language Teaching and I was always interested in this ‘messed up language’ we call English. It’s a Germanic language with early influences from Old Norse, French, Greek, Latin and Celtic…and more recently from many other languages from all over the world. It’s a language that has changed so much over its life that the Old English of Beowulf and the Middle English of Chaucer are barely intelligible to us now. The English language is a rich tapestry of historical and geographical influences. For the last twelve years I’ve been working in the aviation industry and the words we use in
everyday aviation also have many stories to tell. Here are just some of them….

Mind Your Aviation Language – Dutch Roll

Mind Your Aviation Language – Namer of Clouds

Mind Your Aviation Language – French Words  

Mind Your Aviation Language – What Knot_ Mark Twain! (1)

Mind Your Aviation Language – Silent Letters

Ceri Bartlett
Private Pilot
Maintenance Controller
English Examiner
Lover of English